"There’s a tension through the record that feels like Maria is making peace with you or the world or something, but in the back of your mind you can’t help feeling that maybe, maybe when you least expect it, you might get a knife between the ribs."

- Mitch Girio, Producer, Sound Engineer, Musician

Maria Ryan is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist in Toronto. With her honey soaked gravel voice and percussive guitar playing she will sing you some dark and stormy stories; some fiction, most not. Her original tunes explore themes of lust, love and betrayal but she also enjoys covering a select few songs and giving them her own distinctly dark twist. She is often compared to PJ Harvey, Patti Smith and Nick Cave and considers herself in good company there. 


Her debut self titled album (2015) was recorded at Imprint Music with Sound Engineer Aaron McCourt with former duo mate Chris Bennett on guitar, Russ Boswell on bass and Jorn Andersen on drums. The single, “This House”, was featured by the City of Toronto as part of their Music 311 program and landed them a gig as part of the the City’s YYZ Live music showcase at Pearson Airport. It also featured heavily on The Mystic radio program out of Dublin, Ireland.


Her second album, “Nothing is Free” (2018), was recorded with her amazing former band featuring Chris Bennett on guitar, Jeff Dunk on bass and Dave Mitchell on drums. It was recorded in a former slaughterhouse (Slaughterhouse 754) in Toronto’s East End by Mitch Girio and has been added to CBC’s music library. 


After the release of “Nothing is Free”, Maria decided to go solo and chase a different sound. She has been writing feverishly (fever songs are the best!) and has a new album in the works.